Could you lead a clone legion to victory? Part 2

Do not take this quiz if you have not taken the first part. Instead click my username and then click the first part in this series. I hope you enjoyed part 1.

The cloning facility has given you 40 extra men to add to your total of clones. I was helped on this quiz by a gotoquiz user called codysimpsonluv. Please enjoy this.

Created by: The Geek
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. How many men do you currently have under your command?
4. You get a message from yoda saying that the secret clone base on kashyyk has been discovered by a large group of droids and to launch immediatly. Whats your plan?
Land at the clone base and fight the droids. Do question 5 next.
Blast the droids from the air. Do question 6 next.
Land a distance back and sneak up on the droids. Do question 7 next.
Use what kashyyk has to offer against the droids. Do question 8 next.
5. You land your ships. What is your battle strategy?
Hide in the trees.
Close the distance so you can shoot point blank.
Just fight.
6. You have to shoot the droids from a distance in the air because of the tree. Then you notice a fire that the heavy gunfire started and sets one of the ships on ablaze. Whats your plan?
Land and fight.
Continue what your doing.
Land behind the droids where theres no fire and shoot the droids from behind.
7. You have landed your ships and the men are now sneaking up on the droids. There plan?
Shoot them from behind.
Be camoflouged so the droids won't know where the shootings coming from.
8. Your men are landing. What are they hunting for to use when they attack the droids? Whatever you were looking for after you get it you go and fight the droids.
9. The last of the droids are gone but you hear the secret plans for the next clone grenade has been stolen. Then you see asajj ventresses ship fly away. You report all this to yoda who tells you to stop the plans getting out at all costs. What do you do?
Follow her and then jump when she isn't expecting.
Tell General skywalker to come and help.
10. When you attack some of your men are falling into a coma. Its been diagnosed as poison and some of the people at the secret base have been recently experiencing it. You tell what happened to a jedi medic who says it must have been asajj ventress poisoning the food at the secret base. Then general skywalker appears and blasts asajjs' ship just as an escape pod is fired. Later your men are shown to a medic who manages to find 3 possible cures for those who have been poisoned. Given a patient the wrong one will kill them. Give them the right one and they will be healed. How do you use the cures?
Give a each third a different cure.
Give them all the first cure.
Give them all the second cure.
Give them all the third cure.
11. After the report at the medic Yoda has decided that you should be in charge of the new secret base because the old one was destroyed but you decide your best for ordering a legion around. Then your legion leaves to stop more problems in the galaxy.
That was fun.
That was boring.
My poor men got sick.
12. Now I will give thanks to the Gotoquiz user who is called codysimpsonluv who had the idea of a secret command which I altered into the secret base. Thank you very much for your help.
That was nice of you.
I am codysimpsonluv.
Your advertiseing for another user
13. Part 3 will happen.
Oh no.

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