Atlantis throughout the years

If you're a real Stargate Atlantis fan and you know some details about the show, than you should take this quiz. Don't worry it are the most basic questions that are asked.

You. Yes you over there. I know you know muc about Stargate Atlantis. This quiz has answers that are screaming for you to answer them. Fill them in and you'll know if you're a real fan.

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1. Atlantis left the Milky Way millions of years ago. Why did it left?
The Goa'uld were to powerful. They kept taking Ancients as hosts.
The Ori found the Ancients and sent a deadly plague to them.
The Ancients were explorers and wanted to explore another galaxy.
The Milky Way was just a pit stop. The stardrive of Atlantis failed and they needed to repair it first before they could reach their actual destination.
2. Atlantis, a mighty city full of technology and wisdom. Do you know when it was built?
The Ancients built the city before they came to the Milky Way, in the Ori galaxy.
The Ancients built it when the first humans evolved, 10.000 years ago.
The Ancients built it after they arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy to protect themselves against the Wraith.
There isn't an exact date for the construction of Atlantis.
The Ancients never built it. They found the city and claimed it as theirs millions of years ago.
3. When the Atlantis Expedition arrived at the Pegasus Galaxy, they found Atlantis. Where was it situated?
Under a layer of Earth.
The shield protected the city from lava and when the shield disappeared a bubble of magma remained around the city.
It was floating in space.
They only found the central tower of Atlantis. The rest was destroyed by the Wraith.
It was submerged onto the ocean's floor.
4. The ship Hippoforalkorus was found by th Atlantis Expedition. Did they find it in a hangar bay on the mainland of Atlantis's planet?
5. The city has a powerful engine. What is it's name?
Sub-light engine
6. The city left the planet Lantea, it's original homeworld in the Pegasus Galaxy. Why?
A disease on the planet caused the Atlantis team to all faint every now and then.
The satelite of angry nanites was banging on the shield.
A great storm was coming and they had enough energy to leave the planet but not to raise the shield.
The Wraith knew the location of Atlantis once again and the city couldn't withstand the attack of 35 Hives.
7. Atlantis has been recreatd and redecorated. Who did this?
The Asgard
The Furlings
The Nox
The Asurans
A rogue group of Asurans
8. Is the Asuran design of buildings the same as the Ancients?
9. In "the last man" Sheppard is transported back into the future. In which environment is Atlantis?
Green jungle
Needle wood (think of Christmas trees)
Poisonous gasses
10. The city is powered by ZPM modules. Why are they so hard to obtain?
The Ancients destroyed them all so that the Wraith would't get one of them
All the worlds of the Pegasus galaxy have several but they don't want to give them to others.
The zero point energy is difficult to create.
The ZPM's available are already powering other systems than Atlantis.

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