which Stargate SG-1 character are you?

Many people like Stargate SG-1, but I was suprized to see that no one had a character quiz about it. There was an Atlantis one and an Atlantis/SG-1 also, but none that was plane ol' SG-1. Well, now there is one, and here it is. Enjoy.

Which Stargate SG-1 character are YOU? Are you Samantha or Vola? Perhaps you're Cameron or Jack. Or are you a Daniel at heart? Well, know you can find out on this awsome quiz!

Created by: Sarah Soda Slim
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2. What is your gender?
3. You see a man writting on a chalk board. you...
realize it's a math problem and tell him the answer.
ask what he is doing and if you can help
stand and stare
say "what kinda' language is that?"
flirt with him...then take what's in his pockets
Call Sam over and ask her what the heck he's doing.
4. You see a woman being robbing. you...
try to talk every one down peacfuly...when that doesn't work, punch him.
beat the crap out of the robber, then ask the lady if she's ok.
See if the lady is ok, then chase the bad guy.
ask if the lady is ok, then shoot the bad guy
ask if the lady is ok, then steal the ring that the robber missed.
tell the robber that he shouldn't be picking on a girl, then beat the crap out of him.
5. You have a problem you need to conquer. What do you reach for? (Note: i'm not telling you what the problem is. use your imagination)
My gun! I need to kick some butt!
My books...I need to learn about something.
My chalk. There must be a logical answer.
Where is my hair dryer?? *bad hair day.*
Nothing. I will use my bear hands.
C4!...I'm having explosion withdraw. O_o
6. Do you like this Quiz so far?
yes. Of course!
why am i doing this again?
It is absolutly dredful!
C4! O_o
it's not very stimulating.
7. You got a day off at the SGC, and you are trying to relax. What would you do?
Go Fishing
light candles
Dream of C4!
look in the mirror
Relax? Who has time to relax?....I'm on the verg of a breakthrough!
8. You finally drift off to sleep. What do you dream about?
Science and the myteries of the universe.
C4! duh
past ex girl freinds
Pink bunnies! aren't they cute!
Sleep is over rated.
9. What TV channel do you like the most?
Science...though i already now every thing on it.
History. I like to look at the places i've been.
sports. FOOTBALL!
fishing. You can never go bad with fishing.
10. Some one says something mean about you. What do you say?
Something sarcastic.
something obvious ans random.
something that will confuse them because of your superier intellect.
I don't say any thing. I just stare until they get creeped out and leave.
something nice, and hope they feel bad about themselves.
Something to embarrass them.
11. Someone asks how your day was. What do you say?
Good, and, oohh! I got these new shoes and...*Tell whole life story*
Good, but i've been working on....*start saying things no one understands*
good, and you?
O just peachy.
12. Your freind has been taken over by a Goa'uld. What do you do?
Try to talk it down and trick it into surendering.
See if i can free him, if not, shoot him.
Wait a sec...I need my C4.
use your strength to subdue him and hand him over to the Drs. to work on him.
Think of the probibility of the host surviving.
Run and scream for help.

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