Are you VHEMT mareial?

This world has many environmental problems. We are quick to recognise pests but humans have a blind spot, even an imaginative deluding tickets on ourselves spot, when it comes to ourselves. VHEMT stands for Voluntary Human Extinction Movement which means choosing not to have children.

How much are you in sympathy with this deep ecological movement? Do you believe we can techno fix our out of our problems up to and including global warming? Or are you the frame of mind that what the earth needs is no humans, or at least far fewer of them?

Created by: Gogo
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How many children do you have?
9 ot more
4. How many additional children do you want to have?
3 or more
5. For you what is the ideal population for planet earth?
Less than 2 billion.
2 to 4 billion.
4 - 8 billion.
9 - 15 billion.
16 - 20 billion.
An infinate number. Rack, stack and pack them.
6. Which of the following best describes your position?
The earth is there for the enjoyment of humans as they see fit.
Humans have a duty to be the guardians of the earth with people at the centre of the scheme.
Go forth and multiply. God will take care of any problems.
Humanity is one small twig of the tree of life that springs thereof.
The environment is the supporting base of human society which in turn is the supporting base for the economy..
The economy makes everything else possible, including asigning economic values to ecology.
7. The environment should be protected because
the future of humanity depends on it.
the economy depends on a good environment.
we can make lots of money from eco-tourism.
the environment is a "brand" that can be marketed.
the environment has intrinsic value outside of humanity's interest in it.
8. Consider this event and pick your closest reaction to it. A dingo on Fraser island with the last few hundred of the pure bred kills a child and several dozen dingoes are killed.
So they should have been. Wildlife reserves are for people's enjoyment.
Dingoes are a rubbish dog anyway.
It was tragic for the family but wildlife areas are well, wild and there is no shortage of people in the world.
Humans have a 100% entitlement to absolute safety.
The environment should be kept at a safe distance from humans.
9. Captive breeding
will preserve endangered spieces but only if their native habitat is also preserved.
allows us to conquer ever more areas of the wild with a clear conscience.
is preventing God ordained extinctions from occuring.
10. Economics and environment.
We can, indded must, have sustainable economic growth and balance the interest of the environment.
There is no economy without environment. The economy is supported by the environment.
We can preserve the environment but not if it is going to compromise the economy.
The economy is the only thing that matters and everything else refers to that.
11. People who have lots of children are
ultraists helping the future of humanity grow.
are not considering the limits of resources or the capacity of the environment to absorb impacts.
just doing what they want.
12. People who choose to have no children are
are neither here nor there
13. Consider the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.
This is a law we are likely to bang into more and more as environmental and resource limits are reached negating the effect of "solutions".
Does not apply in this exceptional age of technology and free markets.
I don't understant the question.
14. Humans are
just animals with an expanded celbral cortex.
above the animals and outside the natural environment.

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