Which Dryden Corporation do you work for?

By 2503 Humanity exists across the universe and Corporations rule the expanded human population. There are three monolithic corporations out there and choosing which one is right for you can be a pickle! Thankfully, there is this easy quiz to determine which monolithic capitalistic entity is for you…

Do you belong in Lin, the venerable old guard of Earth? What about Terra Corp – the direct descendant of Earth’s last governments with its monolithic space armada? Surely not Syrch, with their lax morals and profit-driven neo-feudal hierarchy! Well maybe! Let’s find out!

Created by: Nicholas Moll of Owlman Press
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3. In the office, you discover a co-worker googling pictures of cybernetic space whales instead of finishing the accounting reports... do you?
Report the coworker through proper channels?
Point and laugh, drawing attention to their deviancy?
Continue with your own work, ignoring the coworker?
4. Miners on a remote planet are campaigning for better working conditions... do you?
Review their contract and make sure you've fulfilled your end of the bargain?
Stop running supplies to the planet in the hopes of starving them out?
5. Your boss wants you to perform some illegal corporate espionage to get an edge on the competition. Do you?
Report your boss to their boss?
Reply "so the same as yesterday then?"
Go ahead, hoping not to get caught?
6. You come across an rare animal species in the woods of a newly colonized planet. Do you...
Investigate the animal's behaviour and habitat to see what you can learn about the planet?
Find out if it tastes delicious in the hopes of creating a new, high-priced delicay?
Catelogue the species.
7. You find a derelict starship adrift in space. Your reaction is...
Continue about your buisiness.
8. It is moments before your big important presentation. Your lover calls with important news. Your response is to...
Ignore the call. Now is not the time.
Remind them they were paid last night.
Call back later.
Answer the call now, putting off the presentation.
9. An office Christmas party is invaded by a gang of rogues. You are taken hostage with your co-workers. What do you do?
Negotiate for your release and just yours as a sign of good faith.
Say nothing. Do nothing.
Laugh because you know the company is going to send in the Heavies.
10. You find a kitten on the street. Do you...
Ignore it.
Take to the research division for... *cough* sweets and cake!
Give it a saucer of milk and move on.
11. Moments before leaving for work, you find out the office is on fire. Do you...
Stay home and take the day off.
Go and see what the damage is.
Work from home as best you can.
12. Hey you! What is best in life?
Profit, but only through the proper channels.
Profit and guns.

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