Are you ready for a ZOMBIE attack?

Over the course of history, many have been lost due to brutal attaks. Many good man and women have died. There's no telling when the next zombie attack is.

When zombies do attack, where will you fall? Will you die like so many before, or will you rise above and possibly bring an end to the tyranny of the flesh eater?

Created by: Eric
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You hear your back gate opening
Instantly grab a spare katana in your room, and go out back to see what it is
Leave your little brother for a second to see what it is
Keep watching tv, its probably nothing.
Fall back asleep.
4. You're at your house on a black night, when suddenly there's tons of banging all around your house. You look out your window and notice its a bunch of human shaped things. You...
go downstairs to the garage, grab your dads gun with 6 shots, and call the cops.
Grab the closest weapons (a sword, 1 dagger, and 5 knifes) and crawl out your window.
Run to th phone, hide, and call the police.
Figure out what's going on, like if they need help or if they is some problem outside.
5. You encounter a green man, who apparently has a broken foot, and whose skin is rapidly peeling off. Oh ya, and is walking toward you kinda slowly, without talking. His mouth has blood in it, and it looks like he wants some food. You...
Try and get him to lay down, so he can help his wounds.
Ask him if he's ok.
Stay your distance, and watch his movements. Possibly call the cops, but if he can't talk coherently, you leave him.
Cut/Shoot his head off. He's obviously a zombie.
Run Away.
6. It is evident that zombies are attacking your city. Your house is infested, where to you go?
You go to your friends house. Maybe he/she is ok.
You go to your school.
You go to an open field.
You go to a gun shop. Not to stay there, just to restock.
You first go to a grocery store, then city hall to see what's going on.
7. You recognize a friend amidst a swarm of flesh eaters, and you manage save him/her (brutaly or not. your choice). What do you do with your bitten friend?
He will turn eventually, so why wait? You shoot him/her in the head.
Tell them to come hide with you.
Keep the friend around, maybe they can help.
Tell them to fend for themselves, and tell them that you hope they survive.
8. You find yourslef in a school kitchen . A zombie catches you unarmed, you quickly reach for...
A fire extinguisher
A propane tank and matches
A frying pan
A hose
9. The only way to solve the zombie problem is....
kill them all
find the antidote for the sickness
there is no way to solve it
quarantine them
10. You find a small resistance that has survived.
You team up with them, allowing a navy seal to camand the small troop.
Tell them that they have a better chance of surviving if they split up before you leave.
Get the troop to keep moving and head high grounds.
Leave them be.
11. Do you believe the plauge has spread over the entire world?
It doesn't matter
Hope so
12. After killing countless zombies, your alarm cloak rings and you wake up. Your first reaction is
Thank God
That was scary
I'm Hungry

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