Are You Capable of Killing your best friend?

are you capable of killing your Best friend? why would u do that? well nobody really knows, only people that have killed their best friends know, but will you ever live like that? i have no idea wat im saying now! so take the quiz, yeah and take it!

Do you really love your friend? will you ever show your violent side on them? are you capable of killing your best friend? hope you take this quiz and find out if not take it again, and again, and again and again, enjoy the quiz

Created by: Fernanda
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you were really mad at your Best friend for accidently killing your family what would u do?
Grave a knife and kill them in their sleep!
stop being their friend
hug them! i hated my family anyways!!!
talk the big problem out!
my friend already did that! its hard to talk about!
4. do you ever hurt your friend accidently?
YES! and its not on accident i love it when i stab her/him w/ my pencil!
Sometimes but i say sorry
not really maybe only once!
i hate my friend im planning on tearing her/him up in a dark alley
there is no such thing as accidents!
5. If your stranded on a desert with your best friend and there was no food what would you do?
become the next tarzan!
eat sand!
eat my clothes till im nude!
eat some parts of my friend!
cut of my friend's hands and my hands and cook them! yummy in my tummy!
6. if one fine day you came into your house and found your best friend stealing all your favorite stuff you...
call 911 on them cuz if they were stealing my stuff, then they were problably not a true friend
barf on them! and ask them if they see any stomach acid
Go and start beating them up, and throw a brick on their forehead!
go to their house and steal their stuff!
Cry and tell them your not their bff anymore
Gasp for about 10 seconds and tell them to get out of the house!!
7. if it was your birthday party and your best friend dint come to the party or say congratulations, what would you do?
go to their house get my metal bat, and tear them up!
Ask my bff why she/he dint even say congratulations
get mad! and cry!
barf all my stomach acid on them
Get so mad and stop being her/his friend
get drunk out of my mind!!!
8. what would you do if you heard your best friend talking bad about you, you...
gasp and go talk to them about that!
REVENGE!put some strong wine on their water bottle to see how they act all drunk lol!
talk some trash about my bff!
be sad :(
be mad at my bff,
make out with my bff!
9. if your BFF randomly became BIZARK and started beating you up 4 no reason you...
Run away!
video tape it haha
start beating them up too!!!, some neck trauma and broken bones couldnt hurt!
wow! call emergency, she/he got some issues to work out
try to calm them down
10. would you ever kill your best friend?
NO!!! Are you crazy my best friend means a lot to me!!!
maybe if they tryed to kill me!!!
yes baby thats why i have my shot gun!
i dont have time to answer im thinking about my true love!
i dont know
11. Did u like the quiz?
it was ok!
this is a quiz WTF?!?!?
ยง wow how did i do that sign in the beginig of the sentence?!?!
12. wel... since i have to have at least 12 questions on this quiz... lets see... do u have any pets?
yeah my mom is my cat!
i have a doggy
i have a fishy
i have a birdy
i have a turtle

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