R U capable of going to jail?

there are many criminals in life,but are you a criminal or are you capable of going to jail? take this quiz and find out if you are ever in your life going to prison! tel your friends about the quiz (if u have any friandS!

take the quiz to see if you will ever go to jail, just take it and enjoy it, okay just enjoy the quiz and take it again,and again to see if you will ever be in jail, so take IT! (im just stalling)

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you wanted something really expensive from a store and had no money what would you do???
hide in my pocket and if someone finds out tell them "Wat u taking about?"
eat it and then poop it out, its not consired stealing its consired eating!
pressure my friend to buy it for me!
save money to eventually buy it!
what are you talking about im so poor
4. if you saw a bomb standing in the middle of the street what would you do???
hide it an old hags purse
throw it far away
eat it, yummy in my stomach!
call nine one one
5. has anybody ever called the cops(police(FBI))on you???
yes like over 21 times!
only once!
never in my life im a little angel!!
sometimes not so many
6. have you ever comitted a crime that nobody knows about???
yes! so what if you abuse children
only once or twice
i cant even kill a bug
1. ur like a dream come true, 2. you smell so blue.3. you make me flip all over.4. i love so u much.5.1. ur like a dream come true, 2. you smell so blue.3. you make me flip all over.4. i love so u much.5.
the only crime ive committed is take my fishy out of its little wittle tanky
7. if your friends ever ask you if you wanted to go kill people,what would you say...
"why do that when you can read a book"
"hell yeah i will go get the bat"
"you already asked me that in the mornig dont you remember"
my friend will never ask me that
8. what would you do if you saw the police chasing a mand that stold a bag of money?
go help the police chase the man!
steal the mans bag!!!
jump on the man and beat the crap out of the man, i will tear him up!
grab my gun and start shooting everyone
run away!
9. have you ever been in jail???
yeah only once!
never! are you crazy!
ive been in this animal trap for 10 years
hope i never do
yup! im in here right now but i enjoy my life even if im prison
10. do you have any f---ing guns AT HOME???
yeah some to kill people
only one for hunting
my gang(our gang name is the gan) gives them to me
im my own weapon
heres my phone # 911
11. Do you want to go to the bathroom ???(hold it in)
yeah its leaking out!!!
i dont need to i have a diapper
we dont have a bathroom i have to do my private business outside in a tree!!
im pooping right know! AAH!
no, no, not really
im unable to poop or pee i dont have a...
12. Did you like this quiz???
I loved it!
I loved it!
I loved it!
I loved it!
I loved it!
I loved it!
13. what type of backround do you come from?
AFRICAN (cunga)
SPANISH/BRAZIL(hola my gente!)(brazilero)
EUROPE/FRENCH/(fish n ships!)(bon apetite)
AMERICAN(ba ba ba ba im loving it!)
14. have you ever tryed drugs???
yeah im so high right now WOO MAN!
never! i dont want to die!
only once or twice
i was pressured... :(

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