Are you a warhammer 40k Ork?

Orks are the most widespread and warlike race of aliens in the bloodstained galaxy of the 41st millennium. They only live for one thing and that's war. They are constantly fighting anything that gets in the way, even themselves! In fact the only thing keeping the Orks from uniting and bringing down the end of the galaxy is their inability to get along. Were they to organize and unify, they would quickly overwhelm and crush all opposition. Since the Ork's appetite for violence is nearly unquenchable, they excel at causing extensive damage to cities, ammo depots, forests, planets, and even star systems! Using unstable, yet powerful, weapons and strange devices built by talented Ork Mekaniks, the Orks possess surprisingly high tech devices despite their primitive nature. The basic Ork is a musclebound, hulking monster capable of ripping a man apart with it's bare hands. Their battle scarred green skin is tough and highly resistant to pain. In combat they can transform even the most common object into a lethal killing instrument. Orks aren't the brightest creatures in the galaxy, but they do possess a certain low cunning that can catch an overconfident commander of guard. In a word, the Orks are built for war.

Are you one of these highly advancede killing machines? Re you fit to bring entire star systems to their knees? Can you handle the power of the WAAAGH? Take my test to find out! *above paragraph taken from

Created by: Chris Dopuch
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you could pick your skin color, it would be:
Human skin...duh
I have no skin.
Dark angels green, with goblin green highlight.
Cheyene with a tinge of burnt umber.
4. Grots should be used for:
Bossing around
All of the above
What's a grot?
5. Would you prefer to reproduce by:
I am immortal, I need not to proliferate.
6. What is your favorite kind of jewelry?
Bones, skulls, scavenged bits of armor.
Pop tarts...duh
Gold, jewels, rings, etc.
Wraith bone
7. Your dream date would be:
8. If a friend asked you to critique a work of art, you would say:
Stop messing around, you stupid pansie!
I believe that it could use some more blues, and maybe some neutral tones.
It needs more rivits, and where are the guns?
I love your use of the imperial aquilla.
9. Blue is:
A color
Purple minus red
10. Anything that is red:
Goes faster
Is a primary color
Why does this matter!?
11. A gargant is:
A vast mechanical constuct in the shape of an orkish deity, bedecked with weapons.
Variety of alchoholc beverage, highly entoxicating, brewed from grox stomach acid.
Your mother.
A class of imperial warship, commonly found in use in the eastern fringe by the various regiments of imperial guard there.
12. Who are the two ork gods?
Gork and Mork
Grak and Skrog
Axe-face and Strangle-claw
Mork and mindy
The Emperor and the machine god.
Collnel sanders and sonic the hedgehog.
13. What does the phrase:"Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka!" mean?
Leggo my eggo.
Guns or shooting
axes and killing
Soy lattes
14. FInish this: Gazkhul Mag Uruck ______
I don't speak klingon
Snikk Skar
15. What do you say if an ork tries to sell you some spinners for your already over-accesorized trukk.
I'll take two please.
Zogg-off ya bloody git, an' take yehz gubbins wif ya! I are not gonna pay fer dat weedy crap!
I don't need any more, thanks.
Why don't we go and play ping pong instead.
Shoot them and steal their stuff.
16. A stikk-bomb is:
A bomb on a stick...?
A bomb shaped like a long thin stick.
A stiehlhandgrenatte-esque contraption.
Nail polish?
17. Fortifications and tactical manuevering are:
Roight proppa!
Zoggin' weedy!
Chuck Norris!
18. Throw the:
19. Combat is:
Wrong in all ways
only an option in dire need
Not for me...
Ok, I guess

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