Adventure Story

You are at an adventure camp. You are one of these people, Aerednod, Elefagane, Geruffin, or Aradine. you make loads of new friends and a few *cough, coughs* if you know what i mean *cough, cough*

Which brave explorer are YOU? Brave Aerednod? Shy Elefagane? Wild Geruffin? or Kind Aradine? Go to adventure camp to find out! Are you a leader or a follower? Wild or Shy? A posser or a loser? Find out by journeying through adventure camp!

Created by: Snodge
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You and your travel group are hiking through the woods, when you see a....
Deer, grazing on some grass.
Forest Fire!!! Run!!
Weary traveler.
4. What do you do next?
Immediately take action
Say, "awwww!"
Climb up a tree
Handle it calmly and carefully
5. After dealing with the situation, you continue walking. You come across a pond, and notice your reflection. What do you look like?
Messy brown hair, green eyes, and a big smile.
Long braided black hair, brown eyes, and a timid smile.
Flaming red hair, brown eyes, and wild smile.
Long blond hair, blue eyes, and a cheerful smile.
6. You shrug, and keep walking. Then you are no longer with your group!! What do you do?
Take note of your landmarks, and make your way back to camp.
Weep until you are found.
Call out "HEY!" numerous times, before running towards the north.
Be responsible and wait where you are. Your group will find you eventually.
7. Luckily, you meet up with your group again. You make camp and start a fire, but the smoke makes you feel woozy. You pass out, and wake up three hours later. Who is the first person you see?
Arandine, the kind, caring, brave girl
Geruffin, the wild, crazy boy
Elefagane, the quiet, shy girl
Aerednod, the brave, cool dude
8. You are very grateful for your help, and you give them a big smile. Then, you begin to cook your food over the fire. What do you eat?
Steak and potatoes!
carrots and mushrooms, yum.
Spicy tuna from the lake!
9. After dinner, Aerednod suggests you all explore the cave. Do you go?
Duh!! It was my idea!!
Definitely not. I'd rather stay in the tent and read.
Hellz ya! I'm up for anything!!
Yes. For a little while, (as long as Aerednod's there!)
10. It's time for a game of Truth or Dare!! Geruffin dares you to sleep in the cave all by yourself. Will you do it?
Um....not to be a wimp doesnt sound like very much fun!
Yes!!!! I'll do anything!!
Probably would be lonely (and kinda creepy)
11. Sadly, the days fun has ended. What was your favorite part of the day?
Probably exploring the cave....That was really fun!!
My alone time. I love to be by myself.
When I got lost!! It was sooooo thrilling!
Truth or Dare. I love hanging with my friends.
12. you take your things and head back to your tent, you look to the tent next door and see a friend *cough, cough* who is it?
Aradine, we are very close
Geruffin, he always sticks up for me
Elefagane, my shy friend
Aerednod, i love him!

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