Your Maze Runner Boyfriend Quiz

Ever wanted a fictional boyfriend? ME too. Want to know if we'd even be compatible, WANT A TMR BF?? this is the test for you. ALL YOU SHANKS HAVE NOT WAITED IN VAIN, here it is.

thy test tis basedth on personality, to have an almost unbiased choice, only one question will actually ask what you prefer, and only 1 point will be added.

Created by: HARLEY QUINN

  1. If your boyfriend ran into the maze, what would you do?
  2. (only effects score by +1) which bf would you like?
  3. Favorite Animal-pick one...
  4. If your bf was hurt, what would you do?
  5. Which form of affection?
  6. Which Faction? (if you dont understand, just pick whichever one goes with your fav bf)
  7. Perfect date
  8. Which was your favorite book?
  9. YOUR Favorite color
  10. Do you like this test?

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Quiz topic: My Maze Runner Boyfriend Quiz