Which Wife Of Henry the Eighth Are You?

Henry the Eighth had six wives, all with their own unique stories. More often than not, their memories are distorted, misunderstood, or all together forgotten.

Which of the six wives are you most like? Right now as you read this, you probably don't know. But after you take this quiz you will know which of these amazing women you relate to.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How do you feel about divorce?
Never. Marriage is sacred.
If you need to marry someone new, go for it!
If it gets you out of a horrible marriage, I say do it!
I'd sooner die than get a divorce!
I don't have an opinion on divorce
What do people say about your physical appearance?
Though I am short and stocky, I still get the occasional remark on my appearance.
I am not the most beautiful of my time, but I have so much natural charm, everyone notices me.
They say I am somewhat pretty, but don't say much else.
People say I am plain and "have an evil smell"
People tell me how beautiful I am regularly. It's true, I'm one of the greatest beauties of my time.
They say that I am pretty for a woman my age.
Are you religious?
Very. It's the most important thing in my life, and I cling to it for hope.
Somewhat, thought I abandon my religion at times when opportunity presents itself.
Yes, but I do not set it before myself.
Not particularly. Though I do agree with some of the church's rules.
No. I was brought up religion-less and continue to live that way.
I am religious, but in secret.
How do people describe your personality?
They say that I am strong-willed and devout.
They say I am incredibly charming but gossip lies behind my back.
They say I'm very shy.
They say I am boring and quite stupid.
They say I am ditzy and shallow, but often compliment my looks.
They compliment my sweet patience and generous hold on my temper.
What is most likely to be my downfall?
Growing too religious and strong-willed.
Getting over-confident and flirting with the wrong types.
My physical condition.
I won't have a downfall, I'll be clever enough to live happily into my old age.
Trusting the wrong people with my secrets.
Falling for the wrong man.
How many children do I want/have?
I only want one child, but feel the need to have many.
I want lots of children. Only boys.
I don't mind how many children I have, but I would like to meet them before I die.
I don't want children.
I'm too young and vivacious to think about children.
The one thing I want more than anything is...
To be like I was in the past
To run my own country.
To be a mother.
To have my own household which I can run quietly.
To be single and desired
To be with the man I love for eternity
The kind of men I love are..
Powerful and know what they are doing
Any men who love me.
I've never loved a man before, so I do not know.
Sweet, attentive, and forgiving of my past.
Rugged and handsome, but almost always turn out to be heartbreakers.
How truthful are you, honestly?
Very. I've told one big lie many years ago, but swore never to lie again after that.
Somewhat, although I do exaggerate at times, and will tell a lie to save my life.
I lie when I have to, but it's not a pastime of mine.
I'm not incredibly truthful, but all of my lies are for my well being.
Not very truthful at all. Not many people know the truth of my past.
Is style important to you?
No. Style is over-rated and against God's will.
Style is very important to me. I always make sure my clothes are attractive and in vogue.
I don't keep up with the style.
I like style, but only for sewing.
I always try to emphasize my figure with my clothes.
I dress well, but not overly stylish
What is your ideal night?
A night at home, reading and listening to fine music.
A night of dancing and laughter
Sitting at home and sewing.
A night in, but with close friends and lovers, with partying and drinking.
A night in with my children and husband

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