Which Dark Souls race are you?

On this quiz you will learn What race would you in dark souls if you born in that universe. Your personality and decisions will tell your dark souls race. I hope you got what you want.

In dark souls lore there are demons, serpents, lords/gods, giants, dragons, humans, abyss creatures and many other unclassified species. Which one would you born in, in dark souls universe

Created by: zotrax

  1. What kind of place would you want to live?
  2. Your social life?
  3. Choice of weapons?
  4. Would you link the fire?
  5. Would you want to be immortal?
  6. You physical apperiance?
  7. most powerful thing in your personality?
  8. What do you do in hard situations ?
  9. Which age would you most wanted to live in?
  10. How much power would you want? More power you have more enemies you gain
  11. What would your physical appearance look ilke?
  12. You have a chance to worship one

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Quiz topic: Which Dark Souls race am I?