What mystical creature are you?

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Do you like mythical creatures? Yes than find out which one you are. Unicorn, griffin,mermaid,and hippogriff. Do like quick quizzes. Only ten questions. So quick

Have fun from The creator Shadow the Cat. 😀😃😄😁😀😃😄😁😀😄😄😁 mystical creatures are fun and mysterious but everyone who believes is a great person

Created by: Shadow the Cat
  1. what Is your favorite color
  2. What is your favorite pet
  3. What candy
  4. Best Disney character
  5. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson
  6. Whats your favorite flower
  7. Favorite food
  8. Day or night
  9. Indoor outdoor
  10. What season

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Quiz topic: What mystical creature am I?