What kind of Dodgeball player are you?

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Are you wondering how you fit into a dodge ball team? Which skills you have already and should hone down on? How your team mates might view you? Well, this quiz is the quiz for you.

Whether you're assembling a team, joining one, training, or just interested, I'd definitely suggest this quick and easy quiz. We'll give you a general description of the category you fit in the most, and you decide what to do from there.

Created by: The Dab King
  1. Would consider yourself skilled at the sport?
  2. How would you describe your go-to play style?
  3. Elaborate on that.
  4. Do you in fact have a set, effective play style?
  5. What would you consider your most valuable aspect?
  6. Which are you better at- catching or throwing?
  7. Do you prefer to lead a team?
  8. Do you need your team to feel comfortable?
  9. Which statement is the most accurate?
  10. How do you help your team the most?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Dodgeball player am I?