what 7ds character are you?

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What seven deadly sins character are you?! I was bored and did this so its not the best! :) I hope you get what you were hoping for! SEVEN DEADLY SINS

BTW If you don't get what you want don't come at me QwQ its just my opinion and a fun quiz for me to do when im bored! :) sorry if its not accurate! <3

Created by: Miki!

  1. What sin would you want?
  2. If your a stranger was in a fire would you save them?
  3. Are you strong?(mentally and physically)
  4. Would you do anything for your friends/family
  5. Are you nice to random people?
  6. Are you insecure?
  7. are you obsessed over something that you can't loose? would you do anything to anything to save it?
  8. Are you stubborn?
  9. Are you happy? (chirpy, positive ext)
  10. lastly, what type of person are you in the friend group?

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Quiz topic: What 7ds character am I?