Warrior Cats Your Life Quiz #1: Who Exactly ARE You?

Alright! My first quiz! This is another one of those warrior cat quiz thingies, yeah, so original. But don't fear! Most of the ones I've taken aren't finished (or aren't accurate), and I promise this one will be. (finished AND accurate, that is.)

This quiz is to determine who you are, There will be separate quizzes based on who you get. If a question says "Only answer if you chose 1/2/3/4" that means the answer down. Like, the first answer is the one just beneath the question. The fourth is the farthest away. If you didn't choose that answer, simply answer "I chose otherwise." So, are you powerful and feared? Perseverant and respected? Empathetic and liked? Or timid and misunderstood?

Created by: Songbird

  1. So, incase you're one of those people who doesn't read the descriptions (that's me), let me clarify: You are a kit in LeafClan, going through your daily life. This quiz is to find out who you are so I can give you better results in later quizzes. Got it? (This question doesn't count for score.)
  2. Alright, let's start!: You wake up in your nest in the nursery. You're the first one of your litter up. What do you do?
  3. Only answer if you chose 1: Stormpaw and Beechpaw's mentors take them on a hunting lesson, so you're bored. Then you see a mouse.
  4. Only answer if you chose 2: Your mother slides out of the den and walks over to you. She smiles. "How are you today, [name]?"
  5. Only answer if you chose 3: You play with the younger kits until they go outside with their mother, complaining about being hungry. You decide to go outside and eat yourself.
  6. Only answer if you chose 4: Your mother wakes up and licks you on the nose. "What are you doing still here in the nest, silly? You should be outside, doing things and getting fresh air! Come on." She gets up and moves to go outside, clearly expecting you to follow.
  7. (All can answer now) Before you, or anyone around you can do anything else, cats you don't recognize start streaming through the entranceway, snarling and claws unsheathed. Brookpaw runs out to find the cats out hunting and patrolling, and the clearing erupts into chaos as cats all around start fighting and blood sprays everywhere. You have no idea what's going on, and you're confused, but you have to do something!
  8. Suddenly your mother appears in front of you and picks you up. She runs, carrying you outside the camp and dropping you in a clearing a little ways away with other cats in it.
  9. You all wait there for a while, until Beachpaw, torn and scratched and tired-looking, finds you and tells you it's safe to come into camp. You all walk back, and Dazzlingstar, looking especially hurt, calls a Clan meeting.
  10. "We managed to chase out the MoonClan invaders, though they were a tough fight. We took some very serious wounds, and sadly, Meadowswoop and Fawnwing died." Dazzlingstar looked at the two bodies, one calico and the other pale brown. "We'll hold a vigil tonight. In the meantime, every cat go visit Pondleaf." She leaped down from the Skybranch, ending the meeting.
  11. (If you've been choosing 4, Pondleaf gives you some thyme and you're able to focus now.) Your mother takes you and your siblings back to the nursery to stay there for the rest of the day. Aaaaand that's it! But first, shoot, I should have asked this in the beginning, tom or she-cat?
  12. Nowwww again. This is so you don't get the wrong gender in the results. May not work but whatever. (And any of you possible genderqueer folks out there, I will try to add an NB ater on. :))
  13. Last question! (Kind of?) You don't have to comment, but please rate. (Doesn't count for results.)

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Quiz topic: Warrior Cats my Life Quiz #1: Who Exactly am I?