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  • The Coven
    "And looking into what cleansing is! Eek I forgot to add that into the witchcraft specifically section of my post oopsie ):"
  • The Coven
    "The best way to start is to probably familiarize yourself with the particular practice you're drawn to, or what you want to learn and embrac..."
  • The Coven
    "Oh!! well you're 100% welcome to ask any questions about anything you want to know:) I'm sure theres people who could answer. And I can prob..."
  • The Coven
    "What stuff are you trying to figure out? Maybe somebody in here can help you out! -- Amethyst is a wonderful beginner/bas"
  • The Coven
    "Oml a cat deck... I love that. I hope your research goes well for you once you start up with it again!"
  • The Coven
    "Road: oh I feel that. There's a lot to learn with tarot and it sure can take a while 😭 Which deck did you pick up? And how's the research go"
  • The Coven
    "I don't imagine many of you own any, as I know many of yall are still young and in religious households who may not be willing to fund anyth..."
  • The Coven
    "Mercury Retrograde "
  • The Coven
    "The Coven. "
  • "Yargghhhhh"
  • "Oh sweet and loving gtq guy Have thou blessed me w a level up? Please be so"
  • "One day gtq guy will level up this account for me"
  • "Beep boop"
  • GTQ Movie
    "Hello I am not a mod wow haha this looks like it's a secret gtq hangout I'm so glad there are no mods here right now ha"
  • "I'm getting sleepy tbh lol"

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