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  • Casa Del Fuego
    "It goes bang, bang, bang, gagagagag, boom"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Gold shrugged. "In Las Nevadas and El Rapids, xey always stayed in the palace, closest to Quackity. But in Kinoko, I have no clue. Xey could..."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Gold nodded. "I wanna talk to Lem as soon as I can, but I don't feel like taking the risk of monsters tonight." Hr chewed nervously on his l..."
  • Casa Del Fuego
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "Violet has revived in my personal roleplays. So has JW:CC."
  • ~ The Emerald Isles ~
    "Oh my. This is terrifying!!!!!!"
  • "Sexuality: Pansexual"
  • ~ The Emerald Isles ~
    "Yes, but what if the child hurts themself with the knife??"
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "*Hugs June back* Thank you!! That's what someone else told me but I was like, "Nahh. I'ma stick with my plan of hiding it 'caus"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    ""See? Bad, stop being a sad muffin and be happy. You deserve to smile!" Gold said, laughing. "And I'm covered in soot." He said, pulling awa..."
  • ~ The Emerald Isles ~
    "Why are you giving children knives??"
  • Fire in the Dark
    "Low key crying. Depression is setting in ...................... now."
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "No.......... They make LGBTQ+ slurs all the time and I'm a part of the LGBTQ community. I'm scared to say anything about me bei"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    ""See? Bad, people are here for you! We care about you, Skeppy and I. You can restart here. The past doesn't matter. Just focus on changing y..."
  • Ranboo & Me
    ""Gold has often said things about him and his friend, Dingoe, and their roles as Chaos Gods. Maybe this has something to do with them?" Lemo..."

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