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  • Abortion.
    "Are you personally willing to help a drug addict into rehabilitation? Are you personally willing to help the mother who decided to have her ..."
  • Abortion.
    "You are trying to justify you're claim by using something that has no relevance to abortion. Suicide and abortion do not go hand in hand. I ..."
  • Abortion.
    "I have spoken on this topic before, and it arises every so often. First, I would like to state that I am strictly Pro-Choice. What another p..."
  • Discussion
    "Kish: If this is God, where is the proof? People need something more than a biblical text to justify something like that. Even "
  • Discussion
    "I'm going to try to throw biblical context in here to prove my point, but I personally believe the bible is a religious text full of symboli..."
  • Discussion
    "ChameleonLeap: Religion is such an umbrella. I personally believe religion was created as a scare tactic, then grew into something that coul..."
  • A Debate About Trump
    "I could honestly sit here and type fifty million things about each presidential candidate that might, or might not sway your opinions. "
  • "1.) The user Faceless Knight also said something along those lines as well. I do agree that it does/might get the point across better. The t..."
  • "I will say this from my own personal experience, and I will support this with biblical text as well (even though I myself, am not a Christia..."
  • Lets talk.
    "What is your opinion on the protests? I feel like the protests are helping this group achieve the goal"
  • "I completely agree with that, Faceless Knight"
  • trump
    "Geek: As long as it gets the point across, but thank you for telling me. ------------ I will agree with PointlessDreams. The poi"
  • trump
    "I think my links are broken, so here they are again: https ://ww w.hrc. org/ blog /the-list-of-trumps-unprecedented-steps-for- "
  • "This is why prople who are Pro-Choice and Pro-Life will never agree. We see life at different view points. I also see a woman's"
  • trump
    "I would like to day this before I go into what I am about to say. Trump unfortunately is our president. Many Americans don't believe that he..."

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