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  • An Odd Political View
    "I noticed; most everyone here claims to be a Democrat, or Republican. But, are there any Independents out there? Or people that"
  • "I may have gotten that mixed up then. My mistake. I know the ones listed under Non-Partisan are good though."
  • "Non-Partisan The Assciated Press PBS News Reuters The Conversation Left Leaning "
  • "They cannot place a microchip in your body, unless you permit them too. It's nothing but a scare tactic used by conservatives and Chr"
  • Abortion Debate
    "I am 100% Pro-Choice. What a woman does with her body has nothing to do with me. It is her right as an individual to make her own choi"
  • "The fact that you won't use sources is a waste of my time; and anyone else's who is trying to have a decent conversation/debate with you...."
  • "Okay, but where are your sources for this information? Not just your opinion."
  • "Atticactus: I think The Actual Boss is saying that because they aren't providing any proof/counter-argument for their claims."
  • "1. He will require everyone to wear a mask ( they are not good for your health ) 2. He will require everyone to get a vacc"
  • Vote for Trump!
  • Vote for Biden
    "There are serveral pros amd cons with both presidents. I personally feel like neither is a good choice."
  • I am curious
    "Most people don't vote for the third party. I am genuinely curious. I feel like voting in a third party candidate would be better overall, r..."
  • America b like
    "Pretty much"
  • Vote for Biden
    "I see your point about taxing the higher bb45. But then I pose you this question, what is stopping the multi-billion dollar companies"
  • Vote for Biden
    "Some people worked for it, others did not. If those people have money to pay more taxes, they should. Simple as that. There are people like ..."

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