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  • (Main five) religions
    [published: Jan 28, 2017]

    Some easy questions about religion. Just basics. Its not challenging Where does Superman park…

  • Would I date you. (New and true)
    [published: Jul 19, 2016, 3 comments]

    Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! Without knowing the name of the trampled…

  • What do you know about yogurt
    [published: Jun 21, 2016, 1 comment]

    Yogurt is fascinating. Just kidding. I just threw together a quiz that looked fun. I just need to…

  • Do you know me?
    [published: Apr 30, 2016, 2 comments]

    Uh people like to say they know me, but they don't. So I guess if you want to find out if you do, take this quiz.…

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    "Ahhh, the sweet memory of lies."
    "Perhaps, I can learn to f---ing stay with one thread."
  • Dar
    "Im drawing ZIM <3"
  • Dar
  • Dar
  • "http:/..."
  • All by myself...
    "Licky my tippy, bub"
  • Yo
    "Yes huh"
  • Yo
    "Jesus christ. People are insanely beautiful."
  • Yo
  • Yo
    "https://uploadpie.com/pHo26G I thought I looked cute in this. BUT I LOOK LIKE A FETUS"
  • Yo
    "xDD Oh my."
  • "Yep!"
  • Yo
    "Oh well"
  • Yo
    "GODDAMNIT NOT AGAIN I pressed okay too early..."

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