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  • Shower Thoughts
    "Probably, because of their huge statue,"
    "May i join as a female character?"
  • You'll TBH Me
  • You'll TBH Me
    "I know there's a main reason why users hate me. I'll do an investigation of all threads, posts untill i confirm these thoughts."
  • You'll TBH Me
    "And i'm without sense of humor? Please explain."
  • You'll TBH Me
    "So, you just hate me for no reason then?"
  • You'll TBH Me
    "Cats17. Why do you hate me so much? I really saw a face reveal. It was a link to a photo. I don't want to go into "
  • "Hello, Keyboard! Need a chat? Might go to bed soon, so..."
  • You'll TBH Me
    "Let me no talk too much."
  • You'll TBH Me
    "4 minutes. Gosh, i read more than 1000 posts. (including a face reveal. I'm so suprised the mods havent seen that.)"
  • You'll TBH Me
    "This is my alt. And i am using a button 1'7 phone, no java, RECAPTCHA, no Chrome. i only get to change a pfp like"
  • You'll TBH Me
    "I didn't know how to put the thread name. Second post of d day. Besides watching the fourms. So, tbh me? My neck h"
  • "I have a plot we could use :)"
  • "[poll.LM9l], [poll.spongebob]"
  • Life.
    "Exactly! wait, other users have done that b4? *sighs*"

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