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  • Star-crossed
    ""Where are you," the menace teases, slowing down and creeping towards the closet. "Hm," she huffs, stopping in front if the door, "I guess y..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "The stabby pain will not leave me..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Brandan knew before I did something was wrong... I just thought I was a bit sleepy..."
  • No Subject
    "I hope you feel better."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "I'm really considering not going in, tomorrow. They have a whole-ass staff, anyway, and nobody on Sunday. Why do they always schedule it lik..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Now I'm awake but can't get up to get some water..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "I'm too weak to stay conscious..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Sidelined again..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Can I not be a closer and opener back to back?"
  • Sakura No Hato
  • Sakura No Hato
    "What is love?"
  • "Yes. Get the chocolate."
  • "Get some chocolate. You can do this, kid."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Stabby pain... I might not even go to work, tomorrow..."
  • Sakura No Hato
    "Will the whole world know your name When we dance with destiny? I've been there, and I've seen it I'm never gonna stop bel"

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