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  • bruh
  • bruh
  • okay i lied i cant sleepy
    "Good zero"
  • I wish I was a worm
    "If you were a worm I'd put you on a fishing line"
  • Shido's Pen15
    "Back to not using this junk. If you're interested in commissions though lemme know through the discord ; ^ )"
  • Shido's Pen15
    "😪 Also Zero likes being called b----"
  • Shido's Pen15
  • Shido's Pen15
    ""whats wrong with eating chalk?""
  • Shido's Pen15
    "Wholesome morning wholesome night"
  • Shido's Pen15
    "Post gif post gif post gif Man I hate my life and myself and my mental illness. I wish I was never born and why is everyone mea"
  • Hello hello!
    "play the fookin game"
  • Bragging Thread
    "I raised my commission prices a little and restricted my sells down to discord but my art still sells really well. I've had some of the same..."
  • Shido's Pen15
    "Late cause sleepy but all cool ideas"
  • Shido's Pen15
    "LMAO nice nice now gimme somethin else 😩"
  • Shido's Pen15
    "Give me ideas for characters pls and thank"

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