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  • woah my holy j e s u s
    [published: Jun 27, 2017]

    did you ever tell em how you wound up in that chair? did you sneak in the lair while the king wasn't……

  • Witch TIOM Wolf Are You?
    [published: Jul 24, 2014]

    This Quiz Is For The Best Of Wolf Lovers.TIOM Is A Game Called The Island Of Mezaa.You Will See What……

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  • Jhulio come hither
    "Stonepelt smirked at the gesture and looked back over to Talontail. "Are you so sure about that?""
  • "The gangly clique all smirked and giggled, turning their heads to Ashley, giving her knowing looks. Trey looked over to, looking at her less..."
  • Jhulio come hither
    "Talontail murmured to Stonepelt. "That chic just took me out on a mini-date. Wont be surprised if shes crushing. Heh." Stonepelt shot him a ..."
  • "Trey sits outside the fight club with a group of friends around him, all of them wearing bandanas around their neck. They were all talking a..."
  • soap w dark
    "yeah i really like fantasy plots"
  • soap w dark
    "laughing im sorry no :'("
  • soap w dark
    "the first one was a bit interesting but i think a new one would be better as well."
  • rabbit hutch
    "ze thread is made"
  • soap w dark
    "here we are i have a few ocs ready depending on the plot and sorry w the account im lazy af"
  • rabbit hutch
  • Jhulio come hither
    "Talontail went to Stonepelt & sat next to him."
  • "name- trey rhee age- 17 sexuality- demi-bisexual gender- male "
  • ":/ ugh idk then, ill just describe Ace: Ace is thin and tall with a feminine, hourglass build, green eyes and rather pale"
  • rabbit hutch
    "why am i still in this acc idk man i gotta pee"

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