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  • "I like the idea, especially since we've had several burner accounts post in there and then disappear. I think you should consi"
  • "Since you won't be locking the thread, do you still intend to regulate newer accounts posting? If so, what range of "existence time" were yo..."
  • "Glad we're on the same page about no forms. Sorry about that. I figured you weren't suggesting that, but I was too antsy to ask for clarific..."
  • "@Road- I made a typo in my haste to post. I said I didn't want the thread to get deleted, but I am aware you were only suggesting that it ge..."
  • "My overall concern with this idea is that we've already done this before. The first time the thread got cluttered, we remade it. I worry tha..."
  • Guess the voice
    "I pronounce words wrong a lot gjfdbghjfdg ig this time, I said angel and devil wrong on purpose, but usually i am just bad at pronunci"
  • Guess the voice
    "I intentionally made my voice sound similar to others in hopes I wouldn't be found out so soon.. gjfkdsbgfds"
  • Guess the voice
    "Haha yeah, that was me trying to make my voice a higher pitch!"
  • Guess the voice
    "SparklDOlfinQeen: https://voca.ro/12uxXA1p1sHB home of phobia: "
  • Guess the voice
    "true, it's pretty fun let me repost the list"
  • Guess the voice
    "absolutely. uncannily so. you could give him a run for his money!!!"
  • Guess the voice
    "well i actually didn't know usher.. i recognized the song but not the artist gjbhdfgkfds"
  • Guess the voice
    "Oh, I didn't realize that babycakess was revealed.. lmao I know everyone from this batch, so I can't comment "
  • Guess the voice
    "I believe these are all of the current unguessed voices/accounts SparklDOlfinQeen: "
  • Trump has finally conceded.

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