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  • For my own information:
    "I'd like to retract my prior statement and acknowledge that your apology did make me feel better in some way. I was too heated to respect yo..."
  • For my own information:
    "You have the power to look away just as much as you have the power to keep posting and escalating the situation."
  • For my own information:
    "Destin, you're not the helpful voice that you think you are. If you are so desperate for those afflicted to "get it resolved," let people do..."
  • For my own information:
    "It's a shame that you only care to fix your behavior now, but for your new friends' sake, I sincerely hope that you make a better effort tha..."
  • For my own information:
    "Anyway, Road, I don't want an apology for your behavior towards me. I want you to admit that you made this thread out of spite. I want you t..."
  • For my own information:
    "I think you are missing the point. They started this thread by claiming they have no clue what abuse anyone is talking about; but when I com..."
  • For my own information:
    "*want not rant"
  • For my own information:
    "@bargain deal did you even bother to read the post Road just made admitting that they don't rant off site contact"
  • For my own information:
    "With all due respect, please explain to me how Road requesting people to publicly share their trauma is "trying to find healing.""
  • For my own information:
    "If you want another example, I can easily remember how much it sucked trying to be a moderator with you. You would pretend to ask for our op..."
  • For my own information:
    "I have no energy to look for the post I'm about to reference, but I remember a time when they suddenly announced they were cutting me off. I..."
  • Announcement sorta thing
    "happy day of birth!!"
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "I really hope that things get better for her, and that she's able to find a safe place to stay /gen"
  • Official Hellscape
    "loving these sketches! obsessed with the way you draw hair /pos the color in that second piece is so gorgeous,, really love the"
  • Summoned (pt. 3)
    "The demon noticed the rather unhappy smile, though he felt that it was not his place to say anything. He turned his attention to the woman a..."

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