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  • Hi I'm new here
  • "My cousin gave me this account so.... yeah"
  • Would You Rather?
    "A: Spoon Q: Would you rather be stuck in Minecraft or stay here?"
  • Paradise
    "Ok since no one is joining we'll just start) Infinity woke up. He which the sun wasn't so bright so he could continue sleeping on the"
  • "I can't think of anythig so nevermind."
  • Paradise
    "5 more minutes 'till we start."
  • you are all so selfish
    "Hey, you know a guy just shot himself not too far from here."
  • "Chapter 13: Silica I decided to come off the investagation since technically, I'm a suspect.I was walking in floor 24 when I heard a "
  • Relms
    ""Nothing" Kai said"
  • Chaos Control!
    "Amy wouldn't stop talking so Flare just put the chip back on her forehead. Her eyes turned blank again. "I think that's better" Flare said a..."
  • Soap?Rp?
  • Chaos Control!
    "Flare poked Amy and she didn't even flinch or move. He then told Amy to slap herself and she did. He told her to stop and she did. He told h..."
  • Chaos Control!
    "Eggman was in a Huge starship. "How do you like my, Eggrship delta?" Eggman said through the communicators, which he hacked. "I'll like one ..."
  • Relms
    "A person ressurected Stotadis and the Kai put a porta ring on Stotadis and Archaios and they fused. It turns out, Stotadis was Archaios' cou..."
  • Chaos Control!
    "Flare got into one and took off."

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