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  • Another Venting Thing
    "I feel like I don’t really have a purpose in life :l"
  • Flame Field
    "Yo Bryan, hru?"
    "Yeah The only downside is that afterwards I always get this feeling that there’s an imposter in my house. If anyone does someth"
  • Hey
    "I love ur account name anyways"
  • " Ignore the congested Cham, I’m not sick "
  • "Awesome!"
  • "I’m just a little bit lost, in a really big place And I’m- I’m trying to find my way back... To you. It’s a little "
  • Deathbringer's Den
    "Popping in- It’s ‘an apprentice’ and ‘many apprentices’"
  • Heya
    "So not really gone, just gonna be less interactive. Probably gonna talk in my thread, if you need me (which I doubt anyone will), please rea..."
  • Heya
    "It’s gonna seem like a bajillion years to me, but I’ll probably be back in a day or two. I’ll be kinda ghosting the forums, and"
  • Heya
    "Like I wanna talk to new users, but I feel really timid"
  • Heya
    "I wanna take a break from GTQ I feel a little overwhelmed tbh XD"
  • Heya
    "Uh- so..."
  • ELM vs. BLM
    "BLM, Black Lives Matter. And that- they do! ELM, Every Life Matters Yes, it does... but that’"
  • Chameleon Country
    "My sister tells me that she wishes I was dead, 24/7"

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