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  • 24h Thread
    "Hope y'all are doing alright. Wishing for everyone's wellbeing and health to increase positively"
  • 24h Thread
    "My mom is also sick & we shared the same dinner so that is the culprit I love it too, been a while since I listened to any"
  • That awkward moment
    "he can probably see this, too, lmao"
  • Chameleon Country
    "No, is your timer increased?"
  • Drekk's thread.
    "Oh really? I can't math, that's why I dropped out 😌"
  • 24h Thread
    "Ty I'm feeling OK after food"
  • 24h Thread
    "He has apparently given me his tummy problems bc I am s u f f e r i n g"
  • Mods
    "Good luck! I hope the move is going well!"
  • 24h Thread
    "Update on Cheeto— He was admitted to an emergency 24hr vet clinic. They couldn't find a direct source, but they decided that he"
  • Drekk's thread.
    "I also want to make sure you know that this does not overpower the several nights you didn't give in. You made it to eight full nights. I kn..."
  • My Kastle uwu
    "For future reference, I would be very grateful if you post requests like that in their proper F&U threads. When it gets this late, messa..."
  • Drekk's thread.
    "Don't forget my DMs are always available, even if I'm asleep. I don't know if ranting helps you, but if it does, PLEASE do not hesitate to s..."
  • Drekk's thread.
    "Please try to spend tomorrow (today, I suppose) practicing self care, if possible. Get cleaned up, try to do something that makes you feel h..."
  • 24h Thread
    "I'm so sorry! Hope she has a swift recovery 🙏 How was your break?"
  • 24h Thread
    "Oh nooooo Did she recover well?"

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