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  • Ooga Booga
    "I didn't even think about that. Nowadays everyone's like, "Haha, I'm gonna take this quiz!""
  • Hi!
    "Hey, I've been visiting as well (This is Tat/Dragon by the way) I've been alright, but how are you?"
  • Ooga Booga
    "Interesting, I don't see many new people here."
  • Ooga Booga
    "Hey guys!"
  • Ooga Booga
    "Stressful, but alright otherwise. How are y'all?"
  • Ooga Booga
    "Hello to the old, the new, and the present. For those of you who don't know me, I used to have the account dragonsfire. "
  • "Fried chicken is phenomenal"
  • "Let the squirrel swarm the superior sprained knees and seas"
  • "Would it be possible for me to get this permission again since my old main is gone?"
  • Ooga Booga
    "You're right, I just tried it and it made me log in. I wonder why GTQ Guy did that instead of just keeping the one option."
  • Ooga Booga
    "Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while. But here I am back again. I don't know how long for. Also, apparently you can po"
  • Alternate ending
    "Rasia ignored her, blocking her toxic thoughts away from herself. She followed Felix."
  • Anybody Wanna RP?
    "Callyn looked at him. "Why would you think I'm going to Italy?""
  • Warming my heart
    "(What on earth XD Don't you know about spinning your pasta on your fork?) Tessa's eyes widened in confusion. She glanced"
  • The Rose Garden

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