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  • "ukulele is hard T^T"
  • Trapped Souls
    "Ophelia walked through the library, scanning the area for any nooks she could claim as a hide out for her own. Her eyes flashed purple/pink,..."
  • "lol totally not struggling to play songs on ukulele :')"
  • "i just watched an animatic, and, my heart :') bruh, it's so good, yet it hurts to watch TvT"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "it's okay!"
  • "( xD )"
  • "( oof. i feel like avoiding it might not be the best, considering your friend is eventually going to confess sooner or later. it might make ..."
  • "( T^T sadness )"
  • "( oh noes T^T ) ( lmao pull a "it's not you, it's me"- ) ( JKJK DON'T LISTEN TO ME. uh, i guess just, try and politely reject it"
  • Elly!!
    "Ross frowned and put an arm around Alina, pressing a kiss on her cheek. ``What's wrong?``"
  • "i feel that lol glad you're doing good :D i'm currently a bit stuck on a char to use for my one shot, especially since i'm tryin"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "m'kay! just wanted to make sure you knew :3"
  • "i'm good! hru?"
  • Bye L'manburg
    ":DDD and it was like, the first time i've held his hand, and i'm v happy :D * happy dances and more happy noises u^u"
  • Elly!!
    "``You good?`` Ross asked with a short chuckle, buckling up."

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