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  • "welp lol"
  • cMeRe WoLfIe >:))
    "Dream chuckled quietly, returning to humming as he walked."
  • w o l f i e > : )
    "Ranboo paused and nodded in realization, resting a hand on Olive's shoulder. Olive leaned into Ranboo's side, exhaling. ``You alright?``..."
  • "oof, that must've been rough"
  • "fr tho :')"
  • "i kinda really miss my friends from school they were really nice and they liked mcyt and one of them proposed to me and we were gonna "
  • "i agree, ranboo meme pfp, my posts are dry :') lmaoo"
  • "e bored all alone why is there like no one online? lmao just watchin' memes cus i have nuthin better to do"
  • hey kris, come'ere
    "Vivian leaned closer, copying Soul's movements and deepening the kiss."
  • What Light?
    "She rubbed Luna's back, holding her close."
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "``Aw, look, we're twins,`` Dream said with a low chuckle, a netherite axe appearing in his hand. He took a step closer to Athena and Wilbur ..."
  • RP anybody??
    "( lol ) Ashton stirred awake, yawning quietly. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and looking around. She looked over and saw Aiden, "
  • hey kris, come'ere
    "( xD ) Vivian smiled against the kiss, straddling Soul's waist."
  • What Light?
    "Grayson hugged her close, pressing a kiss on her cheek."
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "They all soon made their way to Puffy's place, being greeted by her. ``Hey guys!`` She said with a smile. ``Hello Puffy,`` Techn"

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