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  • Lots and lots and lots~!
    "Elina: Can I- Grey: *there* Lusci~ Where's Mom? Loyail: Grey..."
  • Lots and lots and lots~!
    "Elina: Can't someone bring them back? *ignores Alexandra*"
  • I never said that.
    "Kaitlyn: ..I don't think you will. ... Mirvon: *hands her the milk* ... Iann: "
  • I never said that.
    "Kaitlyn: Nice to meet you as well. *smiles* May I ask for some clothes? ... Mirvon: Oh, must you..? "
  • I never said that.
    "(The storm. And I'm still in town.) Ilan: No.. If you don't want to be with me now, I understand. ..."
  • I never said that.
    "(It's still going. D:) Ilan: ..They used me. Sexually. Mother let them. .. Ridged: If you wan"
  • I never said that.
    "(My wifi still isn't working. I'm about to go to my doctor app. Idk when I'll post again. I love you.) Ilan: ..I.. I"
  • Wont be on for a while.
    ";w; See you guys when it comes back.."
  • Dad, no.
    "Brb shower"
  • Dad, no.
    "(So, how was school?) Taylor: Yup. *nuzzles* ... Tateum: I hope she gets killed.. e-e "
  • Dad, no.
    "(I'm just now heading home. I'm going straight to bed, so I won't be on after I post this. I love you, and I'm going to need you tomorrow, b..."
  • N-No!
    "Spar: ..Mmhm. Jana told me about you. It's nice to meet you."
  • Dad, no.
    "Alecon: But I want to. ... Erwin: Are you good now? ... Norkit: ..*bea"
  • Oh?
    "Clove: No! They're.. Nice.. ... Calvin: I can't get close to anyone, because people will use them against me."
  • ""If he wasn't my dad, I wouldn't pass the chance to date him." -Harriett"

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