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  • Red.
    "Felix blused "will that make you happy" he asked intertwined his fingers through the boys."
  • Red.
    "Felix looked at him, captured by his beauty "hm?""
  • Red.
    ""Huh" Felix said, he looked down at his feet."
  • Red.
    "Felix was stunned "it's a place where famous artists play there music" he said."
  • Red.
    "Felix nodded "hmmm let's see, how about an opra?""
  • My New Thread
    "Those are really cool."
  • Red.
    "Felix smiled "so, where do you wanna go?" He asked."
  • My New Thread
    "Das good Okay."
  • Red.
    "Felix smiled "well its true""
  • My New Thread
  • My New Thread
    "Hey mommy."
  • Ravens Manor
    "Yeah. *sighs*"
  • "Yeah they've met, and sure)"
  • "U can if u want."
  • "Name: Seth Michael Vex Age:18 Gender' male Looks: black and blue hair, skinny jeans, pink converse, black shirt with a "

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