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  • good morning people
    "Nothin much. Imma switch to my Bloody_Alice account."
  • Epicinium
    "That's good. *hugs you* So how's life?"
  • All by myself...
    "You can report me, but I have more Accounts, And Honestly, I can Always Make more."
  • Epicinium
    "... I'm happy, How are you?"
  • All by myself...
    ".. Okay, Go ahead. We can just do this over email. *drahs Connor to the email*"
  • Epicinium
    "hey, coder. Idk, I just put "er" at the end of your name and replacd it with the "Y" , i really don't know why."
  • All by myself...
    "SSSSSSSSSSOOooooooooo.... Heh."
  • All by myself...
    "Heh. *licks you so hard* Heh... Chu know what i mean, baby. Heh sorry, I feel kinda, mmmhhhh ~Sexual~"
  • All by myself...
    "Okay, And I care Because???? Forget that, c'mere and lemme lick you till yor face is blue.... Or till you Kum in your pants, e"
  • "Toby: Heyo, And this is to your last post: Jesus.... Mother.... f---ing.... Christ XD Toby, Idk you very well, "
  • All by myself...
    "*frowns* Imma miss you 2mrw. *lays down on the ground or floor, or wherever we're at(i prefer outside at a kind of field of gr"
  • "I'm just following Connor, around. I'm not commenting on this, But, as far as I'm concerned, If either Connor, Or Dawson hates you, t"
  • The Minefield
    "It truly Is, Honestly, I'll just put my feeling for Kenny aside for now, Uless something happens with me and connor, which I HIGHLY DOUBT wi..."
  • All by myself...
    "... whoa, what? You googled how to get rid of a boner XD Heh, well at least I know I'm SMEXEH! *chuckles* heh he"
  • All by myself...
    "But, if I can't see you then, Then I guess we'll have to wait until we can get a way to talk to each other, i gtg, love you bye. *kis"

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