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  • Just a minor note
    "Can mine be deleted?"
  • Little by Little
    "aw, you have ferrets?"
  • emy's thread <3
  • My Kastle uwu
    "I started my period when i was ten. :("
  • Hey!
    "Daffodils are my favorite flower. I just adore them so much? They’re also called “March flowers” and my birthday is in March. When I "
  • Hey!
    "Aha, yes. That took a while. You can just call me Emy, that’s fine."
  • Hey!
    "Yes, I am in the server. Yes, I’m just waiting. :)"
  • Hey!
    "I can’t type either! I meant amusing. :)"
  • Hey!
    "Oh, sorry. I was a bit zoned out. No, none of those. This is kind of assuming."
  • Hey!
  • Hey!
    "Oh, no! I have other alt accounts, but those are associated with my main account. I don’t really use them much. Nope, I am not"
  • Hey!
    "No, I am not PointlessDreams. 🙃 I see why you may have thought that though."
  • Hey!
    "I do have one, it’s coming back to me. :) Just say it here. I don’t mind, haha."
  • Hey!
    "I’m not leaving because of those reasons. I don’t mind if people know who I am. I’ve been stressed, busy with school lately. I couldn’t slee"
  • Hey!
    "You guys know who I am, right? I believe it’s obvious at least. I’ll be leaving GTQ for quite some time. I can reply here for a littl"

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