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  • I need help!
    "Thank you"
  • Cross Gene
    "Does anyone know who Cross Gene are? *Sits silently*"
  • I need help!
    "Which type of account typically has very high liquidity, low or no interest, and low minimum balance?"
  • Friend?
    "A Rp were C1 (me) is a scared boy who doesn't fit in anywhere. His home life isn't the best many secrets lie there, and his school life is o..."
  • Soap?
    "(May I?)"
  • Mean Girls
    "(May I join?)"
  • School Of Secrets
    "Name:Samantha Nickname:Sam or Sammy Age:13 Height:4'11 (real height in real life lol) Gender:Female Appeara"
  • School Of Secrets
    "(Give me a second)"
  • OffBeat
    "Wow I like your way of thinking ~ As well as I like your pic :) Hey do you want to rp? *Looks away shyly*"
  • Rp please I'm Bored ~
    "I was thinking maybe a boy me C1 is a boy who was in a coma for over 12 years. He wakes up in a hospital bed confused, scared and alone that..."
  • School Of Secrets
    "(May I join is this still open?)"
  • Dripping Blood
    "He glances at Soti a moment as he sighs softly. "Hm okay one night won't hurt I guess." He says shrugging a bit as he lets his fingers"
  • Young Dreams
    "(Sorry) Min Suga blinks a bit. He had totally forgotten about the school play. He stays quiet not entirely hating the id"
  • Young Dreams
    "Min Suga clears his throat a bit as he looks at them all gently. "Why did you call us here?" He asks Cassie softly as he fiddle"
  • Young Dreams
    "Min Suga breaths softly as he steps off his bike with ease. He lets his bike clatter to the ground near some bushes hidden a bit from"

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