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  • No Subject
    "No, I was using negro as in, this account is a negro now."
  • Is anyone here?
    "i am "
  • Icee...
    "Will you be my girlfriend?"
  • The Search Continues
    "More like my boyfriend. DUN DUN DUN Sorry, just bumpin. Last post of the night. Ariana, be careful no"
  • I'm leaving!
    "Ariana, when the place gets super popular again its practically impossible to keep it at the top. Just do the best you can. And once again, ..."
  • The Search Continues
    "Ariana, hes been gone for three months."
  • Party Preparations
    "Don't tell too many people. They migth think you're spamming and get mad at you."
  • "BTW fancy little pics dont show up on my moms ancient computer."
  • Party Preparations
    "See, there's this guy who just randomly disappeared. I have no idea what happened to him, but we really liked each other."
  • Party Preparations
    "Oh, and if they get off before you, take it back upon yourself. Thank you so much!"
  • Party Preparations
    "Bump, BTW, means to post in it so it will come to the top and get noticed and posted in again."
  • Party Preparations
    "No, I want it at the top. When it is at the bottom, post in it. It will then come to the top."
  • "I do abstract art. I lay my canvas on the floor and squrt paint out of almost empty bottles onto it. I LOVE IT. I also do art where like... ..."
  • Party Preparations
    "Okay. I made a thread called "The Search Continues." Please bump it when it gets close to the bottom. Pass the duty onto someone else ASAP. ..."
  • The Search Continues
    "Again, if anyone knows anything at all about this user, please post."

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