Poll: Would You Date Me?

Design Your Poll Preview: Would You Date Me? Yes 13% No 13% NEVER >:( 13% We do be better as buddies- 13% Maybe. uwu 13% Only if you'd date me ;w; 13% HmMm, lemme thinkk.... 13% OtHeR 13% [Clear Poll and Start Over] Set the poll question This is the most important thing. What question is your poll asking? Short and sweet is best. Would You Date Me? Add poll answers Start adding the possible answers people can choose. They should be short as well! You can change the order by dragging them. Yes No NEVER >:( We do be better as buddies- Maybe. uwu Only if you'd date me ;w; HmMm, lemme thinkk.... OtHeR Add It Change the visual appearance Customize the visual appearance of your poll by adjusting the options below: Select dark or light theme:Light Theme | Dark ThemeSelect a bar color: Keep in mind darker bar colors work well in light theme, and lighter work better in dark theme. Have a web site? If you have a web site or blog and want people to visit it, or return to it after taking your poll, enter the info here. Otherwise leave blank. Your site's URL: Short title for the link: Additional information Your name:Eclipsestar228 (don't link to my account) avatar Is this poll just for friends? Yes. Don't promote it to random GoToQuiz visitors. Set a "No Votes After" date? Optionally, you can make this poll stop accepting new votes past a future date of your choice. Do you want this poll to allow voting for a limited time only? Yes I do Please describe this poll. Your poll will have a paragraph above it on your poll's page, which should talk a little about the topic or theme. This let's others know some information on what your poll is about:

Would You Date Me?

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by Eclipsestar228

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