Poll: Who are you from the Amber Winglet? …

My poll is about who you want to be in the Amber Winglet. I made up this Winglet so go to this link to learn about it! [no urls]:p:/r/personal/atutoki_dorchester2_k12_sc_us/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B0121F427-DEF6-44B0-ABF1-7BEB90437E19%7D&file=About%20the%20Amber%20Winglet.pptx&action=edit&mobileredirect=true&DefaultItemOpen=1&ct=1620736986064&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-WEB.START.REC-OIB&cid=1f666c5b-f6d7-44e2-90f0-6065d7bb10a5

Who are you from the Amber Winglet?

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by DedMoraz

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