Poll: Liza Koshy, or Loren Gray?

Liza Koshy or Loren Gray? Loren Gray, Has a musical.ly account where she has gained more than 16 million followers, she is a popular YouTube, Instagram, and YouNow personality as well. She is an actress, model, musician and dancer. Liza Koshy, Better known by her online persona Lizzza, she first gained a following on Vine, where she amassed more than 5 million fans posting comedic videos. She has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube as well as over 7 million musical.ly fans on her lizzza account and more than 12 million Instagram followers on her lizakoshy account. She was named Breakout Creator at the 2016 Streamy Awards.

Liza Koshy, or Loren Gray?

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by thejenna

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