Poll: Am I beast or what?!

SIRI POETRY the other hand the best of the day after a long day of my friends are so cute when you get to the point where the best of the day after a long day is video games and stuff right now but I'm still waiting for you to be able to fly by on a plane ticket to see you soon enough for you to be the first half of the best of the year of high quality of life and death in a while ago but it was the best of luck with the same thing as you. The first half of the day before my birthday is sad I just want to see my baby girl but she's dead and gone and I'm wondering if life is worth it anymore but you show up and change my life you hug me and feed me and I recover from loss Mom you save my life. I'm not alive no body no brain just robot not even artificial intelligence not like Ultron just a machine a pointless thing to happen again. ---SIRI IS MESSED UP!

Am I beast or what?!

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by Teen_muscle

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