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Hi this is the personality quiz. You can discover what kind of person you are with one Simple quiz! {i had a lot of fun making this quiz} I hope you find the accurate personality

remember, TELL THE TRUTH! if you want to get a personality that suits you,you half to tell the truth and by the way check out my you tube channel if your interested.

Created by: ava quiz

  1. are you one to take risks?
  2. are you brutally honest?
  3. do you think the world needs to change?
  4. are you a hothead who doesn't give up?
  5. are you out going?
  6. are you afraid that you might get in trouble?
  7. do you not like being to told what to do?
  8. are you good at coming up with plans?
  9. do know what makes people tick?
  10. do you like to think and plan ahead?
  11. are you good at scaring your friends?
  12. do you like spooky things?
  13. Do you spend time studying a lot?
  14. are you good at multi tasking?
  15. do you stand apart from the crowd
  16. are you very social?
  17. do you have trouble expressing your feelings

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