How many babies must you kick to go to Hell?

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Why oh why is it everyone is hung up on what it takes to get into heaven? I mean, its not like you don't have options you know? And think, some of us, might just want to exhaust other options right? So, how do we do that?

People have been lost trying to find a way to measure just what it would take to send them elsewhere, that is, until now! Yes, thats right folks, you too can now take advantage of this scientifically proven measurement. You too can learn the truth. Just how many babies must YOU kick, to get into Hell!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Have you ever been in a fight?
If so, how many fights have you been in?
I already said none!
2 or 3
4 or so
several, almost too many to count
what, you wanna fight?
Have you ever stolen somthing?
Do you often lie?
No, never.
Well,.. sometimes..
Everybody lies...
All the time..
You see an old woman trying to cross the street, you...
Push granny into traffic...
Help her, its the decent things to do..
Nothing,.. not your problem...
SIt back and watch the horror unfold...
Run her down..
Beep, becasue shes not moving fast enough
You see someone at the grocery store drop some money without realizing it. You decide to..
Finders Keepers!
Ignore it, its not really your concern.
How much did you say?
Give it back, you would want someone to do the same for you
Give it back, only if their hot,... and I'm hopeful ;)
Your date has severly over did it, and you find yourselves alone with them passed out, you decide to,..
Leave em
Take advantage of them
Draw funny faces on them and take pictures
Stay with them, and make sure they are okay
Of the following occupations the one you would most aspire to be is...
Sales Representative
Professional Athlete
What is the worst thing you believe a person can do?...
Be Unfaithful
Kick Babies
Your walking all alone in the park, when you come across a baby all by itself on the ground,.. you decide to...
Keep walking...
Try and find its parents...
Kick it!
I've always wanted a child...
I'm actaully kind of hungry...
The awnsers to a test are written on the desk you are taking it at. You notice them and decide to...
Tell the teacher before the test is handed out.
Hey, it must be divine intervention.
Just look at the ones you need.
Just ignore it, its not your problem.
The following statement best describes my feelings on Gambling
Its all good, as long as its strip poker :)
Don't care
Come on 7!!!
I suppose its alright
Gambling is wrong
A little blackjack never hurt anyone
A friend of yours robs a bank, and gets away with it. Later you discover police have arrested someone else and think they did it. You decide its time to...
Look out for your buddy, and keep your mouth shut
Well, it depends,.. are they offering a reward yet?
It's time to come clean...
Hey, its not my job, thats what they pay the police for right?
Can you say Blackmail?
Convince your friend to turn himself in.
You think hitting golf balls into an apartment complex area is...
Get the camera!
Call the police!
hey, watch what I send back your way!
Your shopping for a valentines day gift for your significant other,.. you decide to get...
Stuffed Animal
The kinkiest lingerie you can find
Tickets to an event you will both enjoy
Something you can both take advantage of,... a prostitute for the evening
A drunk bar patron bumps into you and then demands your apology with a shove. having one of your friends there with you, you decide..
Apologize, by breaking a bottle over their head
Just ignore them, maybe they will go away..
Hey, where's the bouncer around here?
Offer an apology to shut them up
Its time to leave
Its always fun to beat on someone when the odds are in your favor
As far as driving drunk goes...
I have not, and never will...
Well,.. there was this ONE time...
Hey, everybody does it right?
Define Drunk?
Hey, It's no big deal, I'll be fine
I'm a designated driver
A fast food worker messes up your order going through the drive through. You decide its time to..
Forget it, I got what I paid for
Go back and inform them of the error and ask for the item replaced correctly
Demand a whole new meal, I mean come one,.. now the fries are gonna be cold by the time they finish fixing my sandwich
Insult the intelligence of the worker, and speed away
Nothing, the place will be there later tonight, and its flamable anytime of day
If you had to join the military, it would be to do what?
Something related to Communications
Something in the medicinal field
An Engineer to build stuff
To Kill!!!
An Aviator.
Draft Dodger for life baby!
You see a beautiful woman/man (depenmding) riding a horse, and are immediately turned on. Of course you are fantasizing about...
The Rider
The Horse
The horse riding the rider
A Beastiality 3 way
What are you talking about?
Since were on the subject, whats your favoritre adult film title?
Debbie Does Dallas
It takes Three
Gang Bangs O Plenty
No Girls Allowed
No Boys Allowed
I don't watch Adult Films
Right before you go to bed at night, you pray for...
Your Family
Your Friends
Things you want to have happen
People you wish would drop dead of disease
You don't pray,..
The kind of movies I am into better...
Have some Action
Have some Mystery
Have some Nudity
Not be Chick flics
Have some Drama
Have some Suspense
The greatest thing you can do with your feet is...
Play Soccer
Kick Babies!
walk through grass barefoot
can you say foot fetish?
stay off em
You see your significant other checking out someone else at a party, so you decide to...
Question them about it, and cause a scene
Slap that hoe! They know better!
Who cares what they look at as long as they eat at home
Go over and slap the person they are checking out
Huh, sorry you didn't notice, you were to busy scamming on something yourself
Leave them at the party with out a ride home
The most influencial document of all time to me is...
The Bible
The Phone Book
The Koran
The instruction manual for the Remote
Can't Read
Someone asks you to do them a favor,.. you..
Get it done right away
You take care of it, but when you have time
Is this a sexual favor?
The speed of complettion is directly praportionate to the amount of money you will recieve if you know what I mean
Tell them your busy
Tell them you will, then you forget and say oops...
You are at the end of this quiz, you are thinking...
OK, so whats the awnser?
I'm so ready to kick some babies!
Damn, this was the greatest test of all time, I really think the person who wrote this is great
Man, this test blew, I don't know about kicking babies, but I'd love to kick the person who wrote this atrocity
Well, some of it was funny, but seriously, kicking babies is wrong
Wait, what was this test for again?

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