How Feminine Are You?

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Feminine is a gender identity; not to be confused with gender itself. It's a trait, just like any other else. Generally a girl is feminine, but guys having feminine side is considered cute.

In this quiz, you will get to know how much of a feminine you are. You might be a tomboy, or a masculine man - nobody knows, that is unless you answer the short ten questions.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Although one has various choices in color, how much do you like the color pink and its variations?
  2. Do you like soft toys like teddy bears, barbies etc/ or hard toys like screws and bolts, LEGO, transformers?
  3. Do you keep your bed clean and your study/office table organized?
  4. Choose your hair type:
  5. What is your favorite genre?
  6. Do you like to keep yourself clean - do you comb your hair, take a bath, trim your nails regularly?
  7. Are you a logical person or an emotional one?
  8. Are you a disciplined person - do you wake up early, complete things, remain organized?
  9. Are you shy?
  10. Do you have a beautiful handwriting?

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Quiz topic: How Feminine am I?