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Thread Topic: Opinion

  • Fairygal Novice
    I just saw them in the store recently and thought they looked interesting. Wanted to know your personal opinions on it and wondering if I should get them...
  • Chained Heart Newbie
    I haven't heard of Velvet Assassins but I've been wanting to get Madness Returns. :3
  • Fairygal Novice
    I found the Alice: Madness Returns pretty cool because it has a more cynical and spooky take on Alice in Wonderland. :)
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    Moyashi Advanced
    I want Madness Returns! D: My parents were trying to find it but never could. I saw it chilling in blockbuster, but only for rent.
  • Fairygal Novice
    I found a used game for it in a EB Games store. Lucky me! Been there for weeks.

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