Double Dare

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Thread Topic: Double Dare

  • Everest Newbie
    Nickelodeon is making a new series, and it comes out today! Who is excited to watch Double Dare?
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    Vampirina Novice
    I am! Yay!
  • SunnyDayStyle Newbie
    Hey guys! I was just wondering this, and I will ask here. What would your team name be on Double Dare, and who would you do it with? You don't have to say the name, you can say best friend, brother, cousin, mom, etc.
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    Vampirina Junior
    @SunnyDayStyle I don't know...Maybe I'd do it with one of my friends? The team name depends on which one it is.
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    Vampirina Junior
    What about you?
  • Shine Newbie
    I'd do it with my twin, Shimmer. We'd probably be Shimmer and Shine.

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