My new life- help.

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Thread Topic: My new life- help.

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    I moved to London and have started a new life. One of my close friends has also moved with me. I keep in touch with my old friends over email. But only one of them emails me back, and lately, even shes not replying. I talked to my friend whos also moved and shes in contact with all of my friends. She also visited them in October (and I will in December). I think shes told my other friends that I dont care about them anymore (I wont explain why) Im really confused. When I asked one of my friends to email me she said: no time gtg bye.
    But surely she can find some time? Not even enough time to say hi?
    Also, other things have been going on in my life. I wont mention them but I dont feel like talking to my mom/ teacher/ trusted adults. And when I ask my new friends for help, like all the other friends I have, they merely listen and change the subject. I also get anxious really easily and right now Im in a state of worry and emotional turmoil.
    Has anyone got advice? I could really do with some.

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