Guys do any of you enjoy:

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Thread Topic: Guys do any of you enjoy:

  • minime Novice
    anyone wanna hang out at my thread?
  • minime Novice
    saratheamaze wanna be friends?
  • minime Novice
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    Saratheamaze Experienced
    mini, I answered this with a yes.

    Also, silent, if you say s--- about my parents it won't matter.
    Dad- Commited suicide as I was a child
    Mom- Don't live with her but she's alive
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    Horror Movies xDD - I love how people get 'killed' just cause of their ignorance and stupidity ... in the movie? O.o
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    Silent_Night Novice
    I LOVE HORROR MOVIES, Blood, Gore, Creepypasta, and everything demented.

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