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Thread Topic: hey the geek

  • 1234567891012 Newbie
    I didn't spam with the threads, that was someone else. I'm jill. And beleieve me, i don't like spam.
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    rockstar98 Junior
    Wait a god damn minute....Ice it's Ice she once asked me if I liked pie! :D
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    sydthekid200 Experienced
    I don't give a f---, I could seriously go to sleep tonight and never find out and would sleep like a baby...
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    DeathStar321 Experienced
    Prove it. Do you have an account? I know a bunch of Jill's. Go to your account or make one and get off that one. First change the pass to something ridiculous
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    evil angel Junior
    It is alec (zilla).
    He has the account.
    He hacked it.
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    The Geek Junior
    I think obama hacked it : /
  • Officer Newbie
    bump xDDDDD
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    wolf_heart Junior
    Dafuq? e.e
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    The Geek Experienced
    Now we need to sort through this s--- and determine who was in the account when an, and who changed the pass.

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