12 Years...time to start writing :D

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Thread Topic: 12 Years...time to start writing :D

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    The doorbell rang. Jane opened it and it was her 3 rude cousins Caroline,Mary,and Jessica and careless Aunt Stacey and Uncle Joe. Jane looked at the clock. They said they would be at her house at 12 o'clock. It was 12 o'clock. They dropped their bags on the ground and head straight to the kitchen where her dad was. Jane sighed and picked up the bags and setted them on the steps. Caroline,Mary,and Jessica ran upstairs into her room without even asking. Jane was 11 and turning 12 in a week. Caroline was 12 while Jessica and Mary were 10. The Duncan sisters,a.k.a Caroline,Jessica,and Mary weren't like sisters,they were more like the popular girls at school. Janes life was horrible. Why? Her mom was dead,her dad was drunk almost 24/7,she had rude cousins,and a careless Aunt and Uncle. Jane decided to go upstairs to see what the Duncan sisters were doing. When she got up there,Caroline and Jessica were throwing their things on the ground and Mary was putting blankets on the ground. They didn't notice Jane until she sat down on her bed.

    I'll type more later...
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    Wow...that's really good.
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    Well..Is it a love story?
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