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Thread Topic: Poem

  • DiamondRain Newbie
    Uh hi here is a poem I wrote
  • DiamondRain Newbie
    The World Is A Snarling Mess

    The world is a snarling mess
    And I wish I could help in some way
    But all I can do is sit here and wish
    That I could improve our days

    The trees are becoming furniture
    Books, tables and chairs
    And the people who can actually reduce this
    Dont seem to care

    The sun is getting harsher
    The days are getting hot
    Nature is escaping our clutches
    And rivers are places where junk rots

    We can tell people to help
    Tell people to share
    But there will be that person
    Who doesnt care

    And because of those people
    Who do things their way
    The world is a snarling mess today
  • DiamondRain Newbie
    You probably thought meh as you read that poem but I only posted it cos I wanted to post something

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